Andy Hart, Founder, Maven Adviser

Why did you decide to work with The IFA PA?


"I had just established Maven Adviser, and the thought of doing all the administration for a regulated business was daunting to say the least. I couldn’t afford mistakes or slippages. Nikki was invaluable from the very start – even before FCA authorisation she took charge of creating templates, systems and fee agreement documents so I was ready to go from Day 1."


What impact has working with The IFA PA had on your business?


"It’s meant faster growth and success. Rather than chasing around after paperwork, and keeping my business small to be able to manage it all, I was able to take on more clients.

Nikki and Claire created all the client packs and ensured all the paperwork was completed correctly. This meant I was earning in my business from the very start, as my clients were able to sign fee agreements straightaway.

I now employ a team of people and am able to help more families plan their finances so they can live without money worries, which is exactly why I went into business."


What’s it like working with a remote PA?


"It’s a dream. The IFA PAs know the financial services industry inside-out, so they remain calm under pressure, are tech-savvy and come up with solutions when problems arise. Having experienced process-oriented help has been invaluable to Maven Adviser, and knowing they have a team approach so there’s cover for holidays and sickness is an extra layer of reassurance."


What would you say to anyone thinking of contacting The IFA PA?


"Do it. It might feel safer to keep all of your administration and task management to yourself when you’re starting out, rather than outsource. In reality, taking everything on yourself and trying to grow your business on a shoestring is the more risky option. It’s not just your business growth you risk, it’s your sanity as well! This way I can lead my business from the top, which is exactly what’s needed.

The IFA PA team don’t just bring their time to my business, they bring their expertise as well. They have created and streamlined task management processes that mean we all have absolute faith in what’s happening."


Maven Adviser