Why did you decide to work with The IFA PA?


"I first sought Nikki’s help over five years ago. At that point I was working as an IFA within another firm. Life was busy – and not in a way that felt good. I had a young family, increasing numbers of clients, as well as all the admin that goes with financial services work. Something had to give, and it wasn’t going to be my family or my clients! Luckily, I found Nikki to take care of the essential support work, leaving me to concentrate on my ever-growing client list."


How did having a PA make a difference?


"Working with Nikki has transformed the way I work. I was quickly able to delegate more responsibility, as Nikki and her team have such a depth of financial services experience. As well as reliving the pressure from my client work, working with a PA meant I was able to develop and grow my own limited company, Rockwood Financial Solutions. I now have a team of employees and advisers, and am directly authorised by the FCA. Nikki is invaluable in providing remote support to the entire organisation."


What is working with a PA like in practice?


"I have absolute trust in Nikki. We use Trello to manage tasks, so it’s easy to see at a glance what’s happening. She has an amazing ability to sort problems out so I don’t need to worry about them – I call it ‘doing her magic’. If providers haven’t delivered she has a way of saying exactly the right thing to get things moving. Which means my clients receive a seamless service."


What would you say to a IFA thinking of working with The IFA PA team?


"Do it! You will be amazed at how much work you can share. Rather than spend my time chasing up information I can now focus entirely on my clients and growing my business. The results of that speak for themselves – I have moved from being a sole trader to running a company, all with Nikki’s calm, problem-solving support."


Rockwood Financial Solutions