Fiona Conway, Director, FC Mortgage and Protection Ltd


What was the situation when you started working with The IFA PA?

"I started the business in February 2019 and it grew much quicker than expected, which was great for me, but then I found that I was doing so much of the paperwork that I was struggling keep in touch with and follow-up on all of my leads. I soon realised I needed help with my administration."


What problem did you want The IFA PA to solve?

"Help with time management - freeing up my time so that I was able to look after the front-end of my business and have the important personal contact with my clients. I was worried that potential clients would go elsewhere. Technology also isn’t my strong point and I needed a solution to make things more streamlined."


What specific tasks / activities did The IFA PA team take on?  How did this help?

"Michele saves me so much time! She has come up with some really good ideas, she is analytical and likes finding solutions to make processes slicker, for example she’s produced some forms for me which are really helpful. She will also check the compliance of my files, log client details, produce quotes and suitability letters and track all of my new business. She loves the jobs I hate!"


How has your life changed since working with The IFA PA?

"The main thing for me is that I now have more time. Instead of feeling stressed because I’ve got a limited number of days to get a case through compliance and submission, this is now managed by Michele and so I have more time to look after my clients and work on other areas of my business. I was actually looking at office space just before I heard about The IFA PA, thinking that I needed to employ an Administrator. A friend recommended The IFA PA’s services and I said “Why didn’t I know about this before!”. I’ve saved an absolute fortune using their flexible support and I no longer feel like I am wearing myself into the ground."


Why would you recommend working with The IFA PA team to others?

"It’s been a great service right from the start. When I first spoke to Nikki on the phone I was really impressed and then everything between that first meeting to actually getting started with Michele was really straight-forward. I’ve saved hours and hours from not having to train somebody. Right from the word go Michele just knew what she was doing, and life is so much less stressful. It’s a very professional, efficient service. I’ve managed to get everything I’ve wanted out of it. It’s been great, I can’t fault it."


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