John Ward, Director, Essendon Independent Financial Planning

What was the situation when you started working with The IFA PA?

"I was coming to the point where I had decided to semi retire. I didn’t feel that I wanted to finish work completely. I had a part time administrator but she had no experience in financial services. I told her my plans and she found another job quite quickly. I had to then to take on the role of administrator trying to fit all the tasks into a three day week."


What problem did you want The IFA PA to solve?

"I felt I still needed some support but didn’t want to go through the process of taking on another member of staff, and I needed some flexibility.  I really wanted someone to have a good handle on organising review meetings, arranging appointments, and preparing reports and documentation for client meetings. I also wanted support in liaising with providers to follow up on LOA’s."


What specific tasks / activities did The IFA PA team take on?  How did this help?

"Having someone with experience on our back office system would be a great bonus and Nikki found me the ideal person in Katie. Having this support meant I could arrange my diary to fit around me, enabling me to work three days per week and keeping on top of the paperwork. A weekly catch up call is essential to help manage the workload, and scheduling in new jobs. Trello is a great help allowing me to log in and see at what stage each task is up to, and adding new tasks as they come to mind."


How has your life changed since working with The IFA PA?

"Working with The IFA PA has helped me immensely, allowing me to do the things I want to do outside the business, knowing there is a competent person on the end of an email or phone to pick up urgent tasks."


Why would you recommend working with The IFA PA team to others?

"I would encourage anyone out there in a similar position to take advantage of The IFA PA services. At first I thought it may not work out having someone 100 miles away, but it’s almost like having someone next door to you, working on the jobs that are productive to your business, not having to worry about employment rights, tax and national insurance, holidays (there’s always a buddy system) and sickness."


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