When IFAs first approach us to discuss outsourcing their administrative work to us, one of their first questions is “how does it work?”

Over the last year many businesses have had change the way they work so that their office has become remote. Here at The IFA PA we have been providing outsourced remote administrative support for over 10 years and have the robust systems in place to support this.

Systems are at the heart of everything we do. We have developed a template of systems that we can roll out and adapt to every IFA who becomes a client. This means we integrate your existing office systems and processes with our outsourcing systems, giving maximum efficiency.  This allows us to maintain high standards as we move through every customer journey for you and keep track as a team of where things are.

You will have at least one dedicated PA working with you, but our system means that if your dedicated PA is on holiday someone else can pick up the work. This provides you with a seamless service.

In working with us you can be assured we have developed a tried and tested system. It means we can be agile in working with you, with additional capacity if necessary.

Communication is also important in building up the trust in us and our system. We have regular update calls with all our advisers, discussing work in progress and planning ahead.

Our robust and reliable system means that we become part of your team in no time at all.