Simon Allen, Founder, Searchlight Finance

Why did you decide to work with The IFA PA?


"I was burning out. I was doing everything in my property investment business: social media, enquiry handling, client calls, all the related paperwork, liaising with lenders. It was overwhelming, I was miserable, something had to change."


What impact did working with The IFA PA have on your business?


"Immediately the stresses lessened.  From the first conversation I knew I could trust Nikki, Sam and Claire – they are all experienced PAs who know about financial services. To start with I just wanted some help processing the applications. But over the first couple of months it became clear that The IFA PA team could free up a lot more of my time. They established clear processes so I know exactly what stage everything is at, and means I have full trust in delegating to them."


What would you say to an IFA business thinking about taking on a PA?


"Do it. You will get your life back.

I see Sam and Claire as part of my business and am amazed at how much I can delegate.  Claire has overhauled my social media, which is helping me grow the business – I’m seeing really positive results. Sam takes full ownership of inputting which saves me hours every week, and means I can spend my time doing what I enjoy doing – helping the clients and liaising with the lenders.

I love the working relationship I have with both Sam and Claire. Sam is always running up a mountain or swimming down a river, which I’m in awe of, but it also reminds me of how I used to feel before she and Claire came along!"


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